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We help you achieve a reliable fire alarm system. Over 40 years in fire and safety means we have the expertise to determine the best fire alarm system for your facility. Special conditions need to be taken into consideration depending on the size, area, and risk of igniting flammable substances. For high risk zones, an area of rescue system may be required.
  • Fire Alarm Systems

    T&S Fire and Security sells, installs, and services state-of-the-art fire alarm systems to include Silent Knight, Firelite, Hochiki, Ademco, and others. We offer both conventional and addressable systems, including the complete Farenhyt line by Honeywell. Voice evacuation and notification is an option we can offer your facility. Our factory trained technicians can handle your fire alarm systems installation and service needs as well as offer after hours emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call at (336) 273-0859 and let us build a system for you.
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  • Optical Flame Detection Systems

    Optical flame detectors prevent fires in harsh environments. Gas leaks and odorless gases are nearly impossible to see or detect. Commercial companies need optical flame detectors to stop fires in places where gas leaks are possible. Each optical flame detection system has been adapted to detect a specific type of burning gas or chemical and connects to an automatic fire extinguishing system using UV and infrared technology.


    • Aircraft Hangars
    • Hydrogen Storage and Filling Facilities
    • Compressor Stations
    • Silane Storage Bunkers
    • Paint Spray Booths
    • Gas Cabinets
    • Fuel Transfer Stations
  • Linear Heat Detection Systems

    One of the most common fire alarms is a linear heat detection system. You need linear fire detection to protect larger structures from fire damage. This type of alarm uses a system of wires as sensors to detect high temperatures and prevent fires. A linear heat detection system is installed overhead and automatically alerts your sprinklers to turn on in the event of a fire.
    • Warehouse Rack Storage
    • Frozen Food
    • Storage / Processing
    • Overheat Detection for Rollers & Bearings
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  • Area of Rescue Systems

    Just hit the dial to call in case of an emergency. Places like elevators, underground workspaces, research institutions, tunnels, and tall buildings need an area of rescue system. T&S Fire and Security can help you install area of rescue systems such as call boxes, surface mount emergency phones, speakers, and other preventative communication systems.
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