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Don’t Go Up in Flames!

Fire suppression is a necessary part of avoiding risks with your business. We specialize in engineered and pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression systems such as FM-200, CO2, Inergen, Novec1230 and FE-13. We also design and install wet chemical restaurant hood fire suppression systems as well as industrial dry chemical fire suppression systems. Give us a call at (336) 273-0859 to design a custom system and match your specific fire protection needs.
  • FM-200

    Your fire suppression system doesn’t have to harm the environment. FM-200 is a fast-acting colorless, clean, and environmentally-friendly fire suppression agent. Its non ozone depleting properties and no mess clean up make it a preferred method of fire suppression. It starts by suppressing fires through heat absorption in under 10 seconds after being discharged. Ideal Protection For:
    • Server Rooms
    • File Storage
    • Control Rooms
    • MRI Rooms
  • CO2

    With CO2 fire suppression systems, there is no messy clean-up involved. Sometimes the cost of cleanup can actually exceed the total cost of fire damage, but not with CO2 (carbon dioxide). In fact, CO2 fire suppression systems use a gas to deplete oxygen and stop fires. Ideal Protection For:
    • Open Area Hazards
    • Printing Presses
    • Dip Tanks
    • Oil Quench/Heat Treating
    • Rack Storage
    fire-suppression-systems-CO2 fire-suppression-systems-CO2-protection
  • Pre-Action Fire Suppression Systems

    To suppress a fire, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned sprinkler system with water and a modern twist. Pre-Action Fire Suppression uses a dry-pipe sprinkler system installed by a sprinkler contractor. The pipe is filled with water only after the detection system, installed by a company like T&S Fire and Security, has sensed a fire. Typically, the heat detectors used are more sensitive than the sprinkler heads. The control panel, upon an alarm condition, opens the Pre-Action Sprinkler Valve allowing water into the pipes. Water is then discharged after a sprinkler fuse link melts.
    fire-suppression-systems-pre-action fire-suppression-systems-pre-action-heat-detectors
  • Foam

    Foams may be needed to suppress fuel fires. Violent fuel fires can be protected against and suppressed with foam concentrates. Certain types of chemical fuels require specific types of foam suppression agents depending on their properties — think what a mistake it would be to add water to an oil fire. To avoid damage and loss from fuel fires, invest in a foam fire suppression system. Foam Uses:
    • Aircraft Hangers
    • Fuel Storage
    Description: ANSULITE 3% (AFC-3A) Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) Concentrate is formulated from specialty fluorochemical and hydrocarbon type surfactants along with solvents. It is transported and stored as a concentrate to provide ease of use and considerable savings in weight and volume. It is intended for use as a 3% proportioned solution in fresh, salt or hard water. It may also be used and stored as a 3% premixed solution in fresh or potable water only. The correct proportioning or mixture ratio is 3 parts of concentrate to 97 parts of water. Three fire extinguishment mechanisms are in effect when using ANSULITE 3% (AFC-3A) AFFF Concentrate. First, an aqueous film is formed which works to help prevent the release of fuel vapor. Second, the foam blanket from which the film-forming liquid drains effectively excludes oxygen from the fuel surface. Third, the water content of the foam provides a cooling effect. Typical Physiochemical Properties at 77 °F (25 °C) Appearance Clear Pale Yellow Liquid.
    fire-suppression-systems-foam Application: ANSULITE 3% (AFC-3A) AFFF Concentrate is intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires having low water solubility such as various crude oils, gasolines, diesel fuels, aviation fuels, etc. It is not suitable for use on fuels having appreciable water solubility (polar solvents), i.e., methyl and ethyl alcohol, acetone, and methyl ethyl ketone. It can be used with both aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices because of the low energy required to make it foam. Its excellent wetting characteristics make it useful in combating Class A fires as well. It can be used with dry chemical extinguishing agents without regard to the order of application to provide even greater fire protection capability.
  • Restaurant Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

    Don’t let a kitchen fire destroy your business. We offer a wide range of wet chemical system options from Kidde, PyroChem and Amerex. These flexible pre-engineered systems provide the best fire protection for every type of appliance.
    fire-suppression-systems-kitchen-hoods fire-suppression-systems-kitchen-hood-fire-protection
  • Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

    Protecting your assets in an industrial fire is crucial to avoid major losses. An effective industrial fire suppression system uses dry chemicals to stop fires that could spread to larger areas. Industrial dry chemical fire suppression systems come with either BC or ABC fire suppression agents and must be recharged after each use. Dry chemical fire suppression systems are an ideal budget option and perfect where a water supply is not available.
    • Paint Spray Booths
    • Dip Tanks
    • Paint Mixing Vats
    • Elevator Rooms
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

    The largest machines and heavy duty equipment require a separate fire suppression system. We specialize in fire suppression systems for various types of heavy duty machines to include landfill, mining, forestry, mass transit, and other such mobile equipment.
    • Loaders & Bulldozers
    • Haulers
    • Trash Compactors
    • Skidders
    • Paratransit Vans
    • Excavators
    • Scrapers
    • Combines
    • Transit & School Buses
    • Graders
    • Waste Management Trucks
    • Lift Trucks