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Don’t Leave Your Guard Down

Having a security alarm system is peace of mind in the 21st Century. Detecting trespassers and break ins can be simplified with a burglar alarm system. Setting detectors and creating an access control system will also help you monitor and secure your business assets whether they are physical or abstract data on the computer.
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Burglar Alarm Systems

    We all have valuables in our homes and businesses. These valuables may be in the form of electronics, jewelry, cash, pictures, or the most valuable of all, family. As we all know, nothing in life is 100%, but having a security or a fire and security alarm system decreases the odds of loss due to burglary or fire in your home or business. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have or come to your home or business and talk with you about all your options.
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  • Detectors

    Detectors help protect your business against loss due to break-ins. Many types of detector systems are available such as those that sound alarms for opening doors and windows, broken glass, physical presence/motion, and smoke.
    • Door & Window Contacts
    • Glass Break Detectors
    • Motion Detectors
    • Smoke Detection
    security-systems-detectors security-systems-detection-system
  • Closed Circuit Television

    Every business needs protection against fire, but that still leaves theft as a loss potential. Many thieves won’t attempt a break-in at a home or business that has a security system in place, it’s just too risky. If connected to a phone line, these systems can notify a monitoring station and summon the police or fire department 24 hours a day. We suggest ways to protect your business with security cameras, card access, contacts on doors and windows for your employees, and many other options. Give us a call and we will meet with you and discuss the options that make sense to you and also fit your budget.
    • Cameras that can Pan, Tilt & Zoom
    • Digital Video
    • Black & White Monitors
    • Color Monitors
    • Auto-Focus Lenses
    • Dome Cameras
    security-systems-closed-circuit-television security-systems-closed-circuit-television-monitoring
  • Access Control Systems

    What happens when there’s a breach in data security? Sure, insurance money may replace the computers, calculators, televisions and other office equipment inside your business if stolen, but what about the data that is on those computers? Can your business operate without it? Ensure security and protect your data and information with an access control system.
    • Biotech Fingerprint Reader
    • Keypad Entry Systems
    • Proximity Card Readers
    • Swipe Card Readers
    • Telephone Entry Systems
    • Company ID Badge Equipment
    • Electric Strikes
    • Security and Camera Systems